Our why?
As divers, we are drawn to the ocean for many reasons: for the love of the marine life hiding within it; for the infinite fun; for the escape; for the relaxation and for the limitless lessons it teaches us. Therefore, as divers, we have a responsibility to share what makes us tick with the rest of the world, be it through social media posting, raising awareness or taking even greater steps in saving what lies beneath the surface.


However, with each passing day, many of our much loved dive sites are slowly declining in health and beauty. The flow of sewage waste, destructive fishing practices and plastic pollution (to name but a few) are destroying our oceans and threatening the existence of numerous marine species.
Saving our oceans may seem like an overwhelming task, but if we all pitch in, however big or small, we can make an all important difference. SDC Watches is immensely proud to be part of making that difference.


What we do?
We challenge the status quo by creating luxury dive watches and combining upcycled materials. At the same time we are committed to reducing waste and protecting the oceans we love.


How we do it?
By sourcing our suppliers independently and selecting only the best quality materials, we are able to maintain the highest production standards and deliver a watch that we are proud to wear. 


We also believe by combining luxury and upcycling we are creating watches that embody the promise of past and future adventures as well as delivering the tried and tested results of a practical dive watch. This, for us, epitomises the ultimate dive watch.


About the founder
Sean is a natural ambassador for the aquatic environment, scuba diving fanatic and watch enthusiast. Sean founded SDC Watches in 2020 by combining three of his greatest passions with the hope of creating something meaningful. Sean's driving force throughout his journey has been to create a legacy of ocean conservation awareness and positive change.


We are very excited to have you discover our watches and follow our journey. Thank you for visiting our page and feel free to contact us at info@sdcwatches.com with any questions regarding our collections or general diving and watches.
Thank you.



 Founder & CEO